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Studio Details

The Live Room

Amps including Fender HotRod Deluxe III with Eminence Patriot Speaker and Blackstar HT20.

Amps including Ashdown MAG 200, Ampeg BA112.

Drum Kits:
Premier, Ludwig 1965 Superclassic, Pearl Export, Arturia Drum Brute.

Nord Stage EX 88, Knight K6 Upright Piano, Barratt & Robinson Upright Piano, Hammond M100 Tonewheel Organ & Leslie 760 Rotary Speaker, Arturia Microbrute, ARP Odyssey Clone.

Beyer Dynamic DT700 Headphones, Yamaha DTX10 Speakers.

If there's a specific item you must have at your session please let us know.
Some of these items are loaned by friends of Studio 5 and we occasionally lend them out too.


The Control Room

Studio 5 is set up to record ensembles large and small, with the capability to record 24 channels simultaneously. Alongside the usual bands and singer-songwriters we've recorded everything from a 12-piece soul band to a 20-strong choir, with genres running from rap to riot jazz.

The control room is centred around the Soundcraft Ghost 24 and MOTU 24i/o, with outboard including Warm audio preamps emulating Neve and API classics. A good collection of mics allows us to adapt to your sound. With a choice of monitoring we can emulate a range of likely listening environments.

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Scrapyard Banner 4a Studio 5 - Gear (36 × 6cm).png
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