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Bootle Explored

Heritage Photography Project

Bootle Explored was an accessible photographic project leading to large format composite photographs for exhibition, pride and connection to Bootle's fascinating heritage.

We ran two sets of sessions, one for adults and one for young people. During the adult's walking photography ‘explores’ we shared stories, found beauty on our doorstep, and made new friends. A celebration event and exhibition followed, featuring large format photographs from the group and pictures merging Victorian scenes with the Bootle of today.

Following the exhibition we were able to gift the pictures to community groups and local companies, so they can be points of interest across our community.

The young people's sessions saw us collaborate with the L20 Centre and South Park Hub. Challenges included matching historic photos to today's scenes and trying to navigate using Victorian street maps. Each session was brought to life by an actor, telling stories of Bootle past, and playing roles including William Poulson -  Victorian docker turned mayor, and a young girl in the Blitz of 1941. The young people then displayed their photographs at their youth club with familes and friends in attendance.

We've loved hearing so many people sharing stories, asking big questions, & making new connections.

This project has been supported by:

All merged photos below by Paul O'Hanlon.
Please contact us for permission to use them.


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