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Work in progress on the mural in Litherland, celebrating The Beatles links with the area.

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The mural features faithful recreations of some of the posters from The Beatles gigs in Litherland.


The original mural in full.

(Click photos to enlarge)

To celebrate Liverpool Capital of Culture in 2008, as well as its 80th anniversary, Riverside Group housing association commissioned this incredible mural to be painted on the side of a house at the end of Croxteth Avenue in Litherland, just around the corner from where The Beatles played early shows at Litherland Town Hall and The Lathom. The mural celebrates this link with wonderful recreations of some of the posters that would have adorned local walls advertising some of

The Beatles earliest gigs.


The original version of the mural was also notable for bringing together both sides of the Northern Irish political divide, having been first painted by Belfast Loyalist Mark Ervine and Republican Danny Devenny, joining together for the project to try and demonstrate that "once divided communities can move on and embrace the future.”


Over the years, the mural had fallen victim to weathering and had badly deteriorated, and so in October 2020, Sefton Council - unable to enlist the original artists - turned to Liverpool artist Paul Curtis to restore the mural to its former glory. Unfortunately, the "Meet The Beatles" section on the lower wall was beyond saving and so had to be repainted (although some would say the new version is much better than the original) but the main section with the 30-foot-tall John Lennon was able to be saved and so was only cleaned and repaired. 

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