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Recording Studio

Rehearse And Record With Us

Studio 5 is our fully equipped recording studio.
A spacious live room allows for comfortable high-quality sessions even with large ensembles.
We've easily accommodated everything from a twenty-strong choir to a twelve-piece soul band.
With a 24-channel desk at the core of our workflow pretty much anything is possible.

Our biggest strength is our people.
We have a team of engineers experienced across a wide range of genres.
We can help you pick the best engineer for your individual approach.

As a not-for-profit company, we can keep our prices very reasonable:

4-Hour Rehearsal - £25

8-Hour Recording & Mixing Session From - £200

We sometimes have funding to offer special discounts for young bands and artists.
Ask us about this!

Studio 5 has its own dedicated social media for regular updates and bookings:


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